Contractors’ SSHE Activities Focus on Nobody Gets Hurt

October 2019

On August 22, a safety workshop for the Guyana offshore contractors was held in Georgetown, Guyana. With the theme, “Building a Safety Foundation for the Future,” the event served to reinforce ExxonMobil’s relationship with contractors and help foster the relationships between our contractors.

The goal of the workshop was to build upon the One Team approach by fostering trust, aligning on our values and goals, sharing strategies that have led to success, and effectively communicating with each other.

Gina Dickerson, Liza Phase 1 Senior Project Manager, addresses offshore contractor workshop

Discussion of SSHE efforts during workshop

About 60 people from 13 participating companies attended the workshop and shared their best practices for safety. Over the course of the day, three breakout sessions were presented by the contractors and facilitated by an ExxonMobil Safety specialist. Each company was able to talk about the safety tools they use (such as hazard identification programs, recognition programs, training, key performance indicator tracking, etc.) and how they implement them in their own safety, security, health and environment (SSHE) programs

You can see footage from the workshop and learn more about it in this video posted on the ExxonMobil Guyana Facebook page.

Contractors on the Liza Phase 2 project also conducted several SSHE trainings over the last quarter. ExxonMobil and SBM have launched collaborative safety campaigns at the major fabrication yards working on the project to enhance the overall safety culture and improve safety awareness and performance.

At Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. (SWS), the Finishing Strong SSHE campaign has started. The campaign’s goal is to ensure that safety is a priority until the multi-purpose floater (MPF) sails away around the end of 2019.

In Singapore, the Starting Strong campaigns were initiated at Keppel and Dyna-Mac prior to major fabrication. These campaigns are beginning to foster continuous improvement in the safety cultures of both contractors. They focus on engagement with yard supervisors and the workforce through SSHE engagement sessions, training, mass toolbox talks, safety walks and worker recognition programs.

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