Executing the Guyana Integrated Operations Strategy

October 2019

The Guyana Integrated Operations Strategy for Liza Phase 1 builds on years of completed and ongoing work by ExxonMobil. A multi-functional team has now been established to execute this strategy as the project prepares to go onstream.

The team includes members of the Guyana asset team (Upstream Oil and Gas), technical support (Upstream Integrated Solutions and Bengaluru Technology Center), ExxonMobil information technology (EMIT) and project vendors. Using a One Team approach, it will work to optimize value from the project.

Members are developing an integrated and structured operations approach that enables ownership at all levels of the organization. They collaborate to build and put this strategy into operation through weekly meetings and workshops.

The team has identified 14 value-critical workflows for start-up of Liza Phase 1. These range from wells and subsea to topside facilities and onshore operations. “Each workflow details the activities involved, frequency, roles and responsibilities, tools, metrics, and infrastructure necessary to ensure clear line of sight for successful execution”, says Alex Kaverzin, Liza Destiny Asset Manager.

Red McGehee, the Guyana Production Engineer & Integrated Operations Lead has helped integrate the efforts. Some of the team’s accomplishments to date include:

  • Creation of execution-ready workflows; these incorporate an integrated full operating model across near- and long-term activities to capture resource value
  • Alignment on roles and responsibilities among teams from the BTC in India to the asset team in Guyana on common goals and ownership
  • Clear line-of-sight on resource values; individual contributors from operators to managers can see their impact
  • Transferrable workflows to future Guyana projects and other assets
  • Establishment of future organizational, digital and technology needs to win in this space

“It’s about creating value to all our stakeholders and achieving operations excellence,” says Mike Ryan, the Guyana Production Manager. “This initiative not only demonstrates the importance of focusing on value realization, it is also a tremendous example of how we’ve been able to integrate key resources and knowledge across the upstream to create a solid operations foundation in Guyana.”

“It has been exciting to see how the Guyana team is taking key principals of operations excellence and shaping them into new execution approaches to drive value from the asset. They have taken advantage of Guyana being a new asset area and envisioned new and different ways for integrating work. And what’s more exciting is the potential to expand to other areas of Guyana operations….this is just the beginning,” says Dave Miller, Chief Facilities Engineer.

The Integrated Operations Strategy defines what is needed to maximize value for Guyana. It incorporates an operating model that leverages the organization, infrastructure, tools and available data. As Liza Phase 1 progresses to production mode, the team will continue to learn and improve existing workflows. They will also explore other potential workflows and value levers.

Key Leadership Sponsors

  •  Mike Ryan, Guyana Production Manager
  • Jamie White, Guyana Development Manager
  • Alex Kaverzin, Liza Destiny Asset Manager
  • Adedayo Oyerinde, Guyana Reservoir Manager
  • Russ Spahr, Operations Readiness Manager
  • Dave Miller, Chief Facilities Engineer
  • James Hacker, Chief Reservoir Engineer

Key Technical Team Contributors

  • Red McGehee, Guyana Production Engineer & Integrated Operations Strategy Lead
  • Celine Chew, Liza I Reservoir Lead
  • Jenn Steier, Guyana Reservoir Lead
  • Mark Maggard, Liza I Reservoir Engineer
  • Ben Byers, Guyana Subsea Lead
  • Gizem Ersoy Gokcal, Guyana Flow Assurance Lead
  • Wes Tibbitts, Operations Advisor
  • Justin Jones, Guyana Digital Lead
  • Elizabeth Morris, Digital Roadmap Specialist
  • Ben Smith, Ops Readiness Advisor – Digital
  • Heejae Lee, Reservoir UIS Surveillance & Optimization Manager
  • Varad Sabharwal, BTC Reservoir Engineer
  • Mark Murrin, Guyana Facilities Lead
  • Emil Klein, RTD Technology Development Supervisor
  • Ben Urnick, Measurement COE Advisor
  • Anya Latrobe, IT Project Manager

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