Life Saving Actions

July 2019

The risks involved in oil and gas construction and installation activities create a need to eliminate, or reduce as low as practicable, the high potential consequences wherever possible to avoid serious incidents. Proactively focusing on the twelve areas below in the planning and execution phases, and testing for effectiveness, will help eliminate high potential events:

  • Breaking containment/OPE
  • Confined spaces entry
  • Critical devices
  • Driving and transportation
  • Energy isolation
  • Electrical
  • Excavation
  • Hot work
  • Lifting and rigging
  • Working at height
  • Work authorization
  • Working around moving equipment

The Guyana projects, along with our EPC contractors and subcontractors, gained early alignment with our worksites around the globe on the principles of the life saving actions (LSA) program to mitigate the risks in the above focus areas. Each site’s LSA program provides a systematic approach to verify compliance with identified procedures and validate the effectiveness of identified safeguards. It also addresses identified gaps in safeguard effectiveness and workers’ understanding of safety requirements.

Project leaders (both company and EPC) established a vision, defined objectives and set priorities for each site. Our teams continuously monitor progress and implementation of the LSA programs and actively share and apply learnings across all projects (and companies as applicable) to ensure continuous improvement. Every worker is empowered to stop the work and challenge project leadership if necessary to focus on work tasks with the highest risk for life altering events.

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