New Publication Highlights Guyana Oil & Gas Developments

October 2019

The Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD) rolled out a new, comprehensive communications program in July. It focuses on outreach to the local Guyanese business community as well as a broader international audience. The goal is to raise awareness of the Centre’s mission to engage Guyanese businesses through the supplier registration portal (SRP), mentorship and provision of information on the Oil and Gas sector through training and seminars.

One component of the communications program is the launch of a twice-yearly publication, Centre.Gy. This magazine will focus on the work being done at the Centre and current developments in the Guyanese oil and gas sector. The first issue launched in September and is available in print and electronic formats.


Centre.Gy will provide updates on the industry and what’s happening in Guyana through a series of planned regular features:

  • This is Guyana: written by Deputy Director of the Centre, Dr. Natasha Gaskin-Peters, and focused on how Guyana’s economy is changing as oil and gas sector evolves
  • Road to First Oil: offers perspective on some aspect of the oil and gas industry from ExxonMobil
  • CLBD highlights: features the latest activities and resources offered by the Centre
  • Contributions from local government agencies and other operators: the first issue includes content from the Guyana Department of Energy and Tullow Oil (which has interests in two licenses offshore Guyana and recently made two discoveries)

One thousand print copies of the magazine are being distributed to government agencies, business associations and hotels catering to international business travelers. Print publications are still heavily consumed in Guyana, with each copy of the local newspapers being read by an average of seven people per copy. Having print copies of the magazine allows it to have a significant ripple effect throughout the Georgetown business community and government agencies.

Digital copies of the magazine are also available through the SRP. About 3,000 companies are registered on the portal to date, with about half of these Guyanese companies.

To supplement the semiannual magazine, the Centre is also launching a quarterly newsletter. It will be available through the SRP in electronic form only. The first issue has an anticipated release date in October.

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