Sharing Our Safety Vision

January 2019

Attendees of the “Building a Strong Safety Culture” workshop – Guyana, Nov. 2018

Getting ready for world class SSHE performance in Guyana

A three-day Contractors Safety Management Workshop themed “Building a Strong Safety Culture” was held in Georgetown in November. The workshop, attended by Liza EPC contractors, local contractors and their employees, was attended by 235 people over three days.

Teamwork among local contractor employees is essential in our pursuit of the Nobody Gets Hurt vision. This is true not just for business and work activities, but outside the workplace as well. The workshop encouraged networking and sharing of ideas and best practices to achieve world class safety performance. The forum also reinforced expectations of continuously improving the safety culture within contractor organizations. A goal was established to develop Guyanese Citizen Workers as safety champions.

Contractors were encouraged to use the learnings from the workshop to continuously improve pre-job planning, tool box talks, safety meetings, task execution and other activities. As an outcome of the workshop, a Guyana safety council group was created to facilitate further SSHE improvement in Guyana.

Local contractors present their efforts to enhance their safety culture
Guyana, Nov. 2018

Spitzer workers signing the Liza banner

Participants after their safety appreciation briefing

Finish Strong!

End of year events reaffirm year-round safety commitment

ExxonMobil, TechnipFMC (TFMC) and Spitzer Industries, a subcontractor to TFMC, recently held a series of safety appreciation meetings for their teams. Over the course of four days, 240 workers attended a total of five events.

During the meetings, some safety incidents, learnings and relevance to the work being done at Spitzer were discussed. At the end of each session, attendees were asked to recommit to working safely by signing the Liza banner, which now hangs in the facility. As a token of appreciation for the work they have already completed safely, each participant received a ball cap with the Liza logo.

The following week, two supervisor engagement sessions were held to discuss supervisors’ roles for ending the year strong and for reinforcing TFMC’s and ExxonMobil’s commitment to safety as everyone’s top priority. The supervisors were fully engaged and committed to Finish Strong!

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