Subsea Tieback Installation Activities Near Completion

October 2019

During the third quarter, the FDS2 pipelaying vessel completed the installation of the last flowlines and risers for the Liza Phase 1 project. All major subsea structures, flowlines and risers have now been installed.

The Skandi Neptune is now installing the flowline jumpers for the subsea manifolds. The jumpers are pipe connectors that are used to transport fluids between the subsea flowlines and manifolds.

Hydrotesting of the flowlines and risers is currently underway. Hydrotesting verifies that an installed pipeline system is fit for service. It is used to detect any possible leaks in the flowlines and risers and serves as a final check of the integrity of the constructed system.

The Saipem Constellation has been mobilized in preparation for the final umbilical and riser hookups to the Liza Destiny FPSO. The vessel arrived onsite and began the umbilical handover to the FPSO in early October.

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