Subsurface, Wells and Development Planning Training Supports One Team

October 2019

On September 13, ExxonMobil’s Upstream Oil and Gas (UOG) Guyana Development Manager, Jamie White, and the Subsurface, Global Projects Development Planning and Upstream Integrated Solutions (UIS) Wells teams supporting Guyana participated in a cross project/cross functional team building activity in Houston to support the One Team vision. More than 100 people across several disciplines gained insights on themselves and their fellow team members.

The goal was to help participants learn how to harness their own personal strengths and improve collaboration among and between teams. As activities continue to ramp up for the Guyana projects and the number of people involved grows, this training will help participants keep the lines of communication open and understand the various personal motivating factors of those they work with.

Jamie kicked off the session and reinforced the importance of collaboration to the Guyana projects. Then in breakout sessions, the teams investigated members’ communication and work preferences under both normal working conditions and when in conflict, and explored individual conflict triggers. This training provided participants with useful tools for introspection and understanding for working together in a constructive environment.

Core Strengths is a standard toolkit that ExxonMobil human resources offers, but this instance was one of the largest groups to which they have delivered this training. The breakout sessions were led by a team of ExxonMobil HR representatives specially trained for this activity: Belinda Feng, Jennifer Veach, Sheila Lamar and Cecily Gordon.

Jamie White, UOG Guyana Development Manager

Exploring Core Strengths

Delivering an event of this size was only possible because of the effort put in by the event organizers:

  • Adam Fischer
  • Paige Giusfredi
  • Russ Mapes
  • Emma McConville
  • Christina Mosqueda
  • HR training leaders
  • Michael Slomka
  • Kimberly Hughes

(Photos courtesy of Patrick Thomas)

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