Third Geoscience Short Course Held at the University of Guyana

January 2020

ExxonMobil held a two-day South America Basin Analysis and Hydrocarbon Systems workshop at the University of Guyana. This is the third time the workshop has been held, and the purpose is to introduce second year Geology students to petroleum geoscience and methods for exploring for oil and gas. The course covers a range of topics including basin formation, hydrocarbon systems, sequence stratigraphy and the paleogeography of South America. The students that attended the course were enthusiastic and excited to learn more about oil and gas. The course was presented by Orla McLaughlin, Ashlika Persaud, and Sam Hemmings-Sykes. Ashlika Persaud, a Guyanese Geoscientist, said “this is one of the things I’ve wanted to do when I pursued a career in geology and started working with ExxonMobil. I really want to give back to the country and the students and hopefully inspire them.” Check out this video to hear a message from Ashlika to aspiring Guyanese Geologists.

University of Guyana Students at ExxonMobil’s Geoscience Short Course in 4Q19

Ashlika Persaud engaging students during ExxonMobil’s Geoscience Short Course in 4Q19

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