Video Gallery

Liza First Oil - One Team, One Goal

Liza Phase 2 Leadership Message

Liza FPSO Flowstream

Destiny Arrival Ceremony

Destiny Travel Timelapse

Helicopter Airport Operations

Offshore Pipelay, Riser and Structures Installation

SBM Piles Installation

Liza Destiny Sail Away

Offshore Installation Supply Chain

Onshore Warehouse Operations

Liza Destiny FPSO Naming Ceremony

Here is the Story of the Liza Destiny FPSO

Liza Phase 1 Tree Load-Out In Trinidad

Liza Phase 1 Structural & Piping Fabrication In Spitzer

Liza Phase 1 FLET & PLET Load-Out In Louisiana

Liza Phase 1 Pipe Offload In Guyana

Liza Destiny Final Topside Module Lift

Liza Topside Module Lift

TechnipFMC Umbilical Spooling

Liza Finish Strong

Lisz Turbine Lift & Install

TichnipFMC System Integration Testing

SBM Dry Dock Update

Liza Tina Arrival And Timelapse

Liza HP Separator Lift & Skid

Liza Linepipe Coating Shawcor

Quick Facts About Guyana

TechnipFMC Site Visit

Project Overview Animation

FPSO Arrival Tina's Transformation

A Foundation for the Future Liza Phase 1 Project

FPSO Milestone

How to Pronounce Guyana